Surviving the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 shutdown

The COVID-19 Alert Level 4 (Eliminate) shutdown will cause unprecedented loss to the New Zealand economy. Young Hunter Lawyers are here to help you get through.

Unless you are an “essential business”, or those that support them, your operations must now close for at least 4 weeks, and employees must work from home. The Government’s current list of what is considered an “essential business” is available here:

If your business is likely to be affected, you should contact us now to discuss how best to protect your employees’ jobs and your future livelihood. We will give you clear options that will complement the Government’s support package, current details of which are available here:

If executed correctly, restructuring your business now in the appropriate way will mean that it has the best chance of remaining viable both during and after the shutdown.

We will listen to your story and show you the way forward. However, the key is that you do not wait until it is too late.

Our experienced, expert employment lawyers are online and ready to connect with you, your accountant and your bank now to find the right solution.

Please contact Hamish, Simon or Sam today.

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