Insolvency & Debt Recovery

Whether a company or a private individual, managing your debtors and creditors is a key component of ensuring your on-going solvency and profitability.


Understanding your Insolvency and Debt Recovery needs

Young Hunter’s team of insolvency and debt recovery experts are experienced in providing both creditors and debtors with practical, effective solutions.  Whether that means recovering debts against guarantors, advising receivers and liquidators, or providing strategic advice about debt management, we stand ready and able to ensure that a fair, just and equitable result is achieved for you.


Using our expertise in Insolvency and Debt Recovery

We can advise you on:

  • Debt recovery, including summary judgment, against private individuals
  • Recovering debts from companies, including through liquidation and receivership
  • The rights and obligations of receivers and liquidators
  • Corporate restructuring
  • The rights of mortgagees and mortgagors
  • The rights of debtors and security holders under the Personal Property Securities Act 1999
  • Creditors’ proposals and compromises


Contacting our Insolvency and Debt Recovery Team

If you would like advice on an insolvency or debt recovery matter, contact our specialist team.