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Ella Farrell

General Manager

Ella Farrell Profile Image

Ella oversees the strategic direction and operations of Young Hunter. She works closely with our Partners to drive the firm forward. She is a passionate advocate for our internal culture and is an enthusiastic member of our Young Hunter Well-being Committee.

Ella’s journey: Over the previous 15 years, she has gained expertise in governance, strategy, and finance and held senior, executive positions across a range of industries. 

She is a chartered accountant, chartered independent director, and qualified organisational and executive coach.

Her specialties include governance, strategy, stakeholder collaboration/partnerships, transformation, innovation, sustainability, infrastructure, and commercialisation.

Ella joined Young Hunter in 2020 in a transformational time for New Zealand and our firm.

Ella’s values: Ella has a passion for innovative, sustainable, and collaborative practices.  She believes authentic leadership and building relationships are the foundations for great business. Ella inspires the Young Hunter team to make the changes needed to improve our economic, social, environmental and community impact.


Level 2 Young Hunter House
134 Victoria Street
Christchurch 8013

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