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05 August 2020

Lawyer is granted refugee status for a purported breach of blasphemy laws

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Our client had a well-established family law practice in her home country.

In 2018 she submitted a legal opinion commenting on the Supreme Court appeal case of Asia Bibi. Miss Bibi’s appeal was focused on overturning her death sentence as a result of allegations she had breached blasphemy laws in that country.

Certain religious organisations took the view that our client’s opinion was blasphemous. A report was lodged with the Police and our client’s legal office and residential property was attacked by radicalised groups.

One of the Tribunal’s key findings related to our client’s credibility.  This related to the timing of her publication. The Tribunal was concerned it may have been orchestrated to help facilitate a refugee claim.

Despite the above, the Tribunal determined that the correct focus of its enquiry was on how our client’s opinion (following publication) is viewed in her country. In that regard, the Tribunal determined that objectively on the facts, there was a real chance of our client being persecuted if she returned to her country.

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