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Our expertise

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As true today as it was at the start, we are strategic, legal experts.


We can help at all stages of the construction lifecycle.

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Corporate and commercial

We will help to ensure that your business is operating at its maximum potential.

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We can advise and represent you during a criminal investigation and before the Court.

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Deportation and human rights

Our experienced team of immigration lawyers handle the difficult cases.

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Providing practical advice to employers and employees on all employment matters.

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Health law

We have decades of high profile experience in health and medical law.

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Our experienced team of immigration lawyers take the time to understand your individual case.

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Insolvency and business restructure

Our team acts for individuals and businesses facing financial difficulties.

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Insurance can involve interpreting complex contracts and policies.

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Litigation and dispute resolution

We will demystify the issues, and strategise with you for the best possible outcomes.

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Property and conveyancing

We will help you with your investment - land, houses, commercial property and businesses.

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Relationship property

Whether you're starting or ending a relationship, our tactical legal experts will see you through.

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Sports law

Sports law is a growing and increasingly important area of the law.

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Succession planning and estates

Our team of specialists can assist you and advise you on all areas of personal and future planning.

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Experienced with all types of trust law, we will develop the right trust arrangements for you.

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Trust and estate disputes

We help you find your way through the complex issues and emotions when disputes arise.

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A passionate team of professionals that will exceed your expectations

For over 90 years, the firm has grown and thrived because of our clients. Our clients have been entrepreneurial and unique in many ways, but have seen their values mirrored in us.

We’ve succeeded—and helped our clients succeed—by deploying the best legal talent as efficiently as possible. The Young Hunter lineage has and continues to produce Supreme Court Judges, High Court Judges and QCs. This talent, depth and quality continues through to the present partnership, and our staff.

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Level 2 Young Hunter House
134 Victoria Street
Christchurch 8013

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