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Few people actively seek to be involved in disputes.  However, on occasion they are unavoidable. On these occasions, our team has the experience and the resources to achieve positive outcomes for you, as efficiently and as painlessly as possible.

Our team will work with you to demystify the issues, and strategise with you for the best possible outcomes.

We will empower you through the process, laying out all the options.

Our litigation and dispute resolution services

We solve problems in all the areas of law listed on our website, as well as disputes about:

  • Director and shareholder disputes
  • Professional discipline
  • Judicial review
  • Resource mangement
  • Privacy
  • Property and leases
  • Regulatory requirements and compliance
  • Businesses
  • Contracts
  • Consumer rights
  • Negligence
  • Defamation

Meet our litigation and dispute resolution team

Our team will give you sound, accurate advice on all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution. We will lay out the options for you, and advise you on the best way forward based on your desired outcome. We are experts at resolving issues through all means possible - negotiation, mediation, arbitration and/or the Court process.

Talk to us today.

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