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Disputes about trusts and estates cause stress, anxiety and confusion for trustees and beneficiaries alike.  Our team of expert lawyers can help you to understand the complex legal and factual issues that often arise, while remaining sensitive to the complicated and unique relationships that are often involved.

Trust and estate disputes expertise

We are experienced in acting for beneficiaries and trustees in respect of private trusts and wills.  We can assist you to understand your rights and obligations, and how you can navigate them to achieve your desired outcome while avoiding any pitfalls. 

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We have expertise and experience in bringing and defending claims against estates under the Family Protection Act, Testamentary Promise Act, and in equity.

Claims by Trustees Plus Icon Plus Icon

We have expertise and experience in assisting trustees to navigate complicated family dynamics, including seeking directions under the Trustees Act 1956 (now replaced by the Trusts Act 2019), as well as facilitating discussions and negotiations with families and beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Disputes Plus Icon Plus Icon

We have advised and acted for beneficiaries in enforcing their rights under trusts, including in contentious disputes with other beneficiaries.  We are experienced in working through the Court process, and through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

Trust and estate disputes team

Our team has the expertise and experience to deal with complicated trust and estate arrangements, and the emotional intelligence to help you navigate tense and stressful family disputes.

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