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Working out how to deal with your relationship property when entering or leaving a relationship can be stressful. There can be added complexity if you have trusts, own businesses or have multiple properties. Our experienced team with their practical and down to earth approach, will guide you to reaching a resolution.

Relationship property expertise

We will assist you in understanding relationship property law, the division of property and protecting your interests in the future. Contact us to see how we can help.

Moving in together Plus Icon Plus Icon

Making the commitment to move in with a new partner - to a home you have both chosen is an exciting time. It’s also an opportunity to consider what assets you might prefer to keep separate, planning early on will smooth out any bumps later down the road. We can help you carefully create an agreement that is suited to your individual needs.

Marriage Plus Icon Plus Icon

Is it time to revisit your contracting out agreement to see if it is up to date with your lives? Marriage is an exciting journey and it’s a timely reminder to consider any existing agreements and how they might apply in the future, along with structuring of assets.

Separation and divorce Plus Icon Plus Icon

Thinking about separating or ending your relationship? Or, has your relationship ended and you still haven’t divided your assets? Whether you want a private agreement, you have a contracting out agreement or have no idea where to start we can help. We can also assist you with filing for divorce.

Our relationship property team

We have an experienced Family Law team who want to support you through both new and often difficult times. Our team has experience in the Family Court through to the Court of Appeal.

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