Can I Challenge a Deportation Liability Notice

Posted by Simon Graham on June 29 2018

Immigration's Powers of Arrest

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Do I need a contracting out agreement?

Posted by Clinton Light on November 29 2017

Deportation Liability of Innocent Parties

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We have separated – what next?

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Residential Earthquake Decision Young Hunter Lawyers

Residential Earthquake Decision: Myall v Tower Insurance

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House photo

How to buy a house in Christchurch…

Posted by Liz Robb, Sr Solicitor, LL.B on November 9 2016

Buying a house, especially your first house, can be overwhelming.  For most people, a house will represent their biggest asset, their biggest debt, and of course the roof over their head.

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Employment Standards Legislation

Employment Standards Legislation – 1 April 2016

Posted by Amy Keir, Associate, LL.B (Hons), B.A on November 9 2016

From 1 April 2016, the Employment Standards Legislation Act took effect.  This Act was designed to strengthen the observation of minimum standards in employment law.

Although the Act is directed at employers that do not have a good compliance history, it does contain some significant changes for all employers to take note of, and it is a good prompt for a business-wide review of your employment processes.  It will have a significant impact for employers who use part time and casual workers, or whose workers do not work on a regular pattern.  

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