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Having a productive relationship with your workers is essential for your business to prosper. Whether you are employing new staff, reviewing your policies, or facing potential conflict, our team of employment and health and safety lawyers can help you understand your rights and obligations as an employer and find a solution.

Employment and health and safety expertise

We are experienced in advising businesses on their rights and obligations under employment, privacy, health and safety, and human rights law. Our expert team regularly assists employers with restructuring and redundancy, investigations into misconduct or poor performance and resolving personal grievance and other claims.

We also represent and defend employers in the Employment Relations Authority and Employment, District, and High Courts with respect to Labour Inspectorate prosecutions and WorkSafe investigations and any subsequent civil or criminal legal action.

Employment agreements, policies, and advice Plus Icon Plus Icon

Your workers must have a written employment agreement. Employment law changes are frequent and often complex. Mistakes and misunderstandings can end up being costly and distracting. Our team can help you understand your rights and obligations and review your existing employment and contracting arrangements so that they work for you and your business.

Restructuring and redundancy Plus Icon Plus Icon

Change is a normal part of business. As an employer, you must consult with your workers whenever you propose to change your employment structure or sell or transfer the business.

Our team will provide you with advice on the law and process and assist you through to a final decision which may result in restructuring and/or redundancy.

Employment investigations and disputes Plus Icon Plus Icon

Discovering employee misconduct and poor performance can be distressing and incredibly distracting. It is essential that you follow a robust and fair process in dealing with these issues.

We are skilled at working with employers to properly investigate and resolve issues while causing the least disruption to your business. If you do end up facing a personal grievance or other claims by employees or the Labour Inspectorate, our team are experts in resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation and legal action in the Employment Relations Authority and all Courts

Health and safety Plus Icon Plus Icon

It is now well known that businesses must take all practicable steps to protect the health and safety of their workers and other connected people. Employers must have clear policies and procedures in place.

If they do not and an incident occurs, WorkSafe is likely to investigate and prosecute the businesses and individuals involved. The resulting financial sanctions and reputational damage can be significant and devastating.

Privacy Plus Icon Plus Icon

Businesses must protect an individual’s right to keep their personal information private. Employers must therefore have robust policies and procedures in place to uphold these obligations. Breaches may result in complaints to the Privacy Commissioner and subsequent enforcement action in the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

We can advise you on these risks and work with you to prepare relevant policies and procedures to ensure compliance, before the Privacy Commissioner or Courts and to mitigate your risk. If a breach occurs, our team can represent you.

Human rights Plus Icon Plus Icon

The law protects workers from discrimination. We are experienced in advising employers on their rights and obligations under human rights law and related policies and procedures.

If a claim is brought against you, our team can represent you in the Human Rights Review Tribunal or Courts.

Our employment and health and safety team

While we pride ourselves on early resolution of issues, our expertise in employment dispute resolution can assist you in negotiations and mediations, the Employment Relations Authority, the Employment Court and beyond.

Our team are experienced in advising on health and safety risks and working with you to prepare relevant policies and procedures. We also represent businesses and individuals, including directors and managers, throughout the entire WorkSafe investigation and any subsequent criminal prosecution.

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